The Dark Knight – Batman 2008 BluRay (720,1080p) – Direct download links + Torrent are both available.

The reason I share this movie even it’s released in 2008 is this is one of a few movies that I have ever watched again and again at-least 5 times  after years.

The Dark Knight brings together the best cast members we’ve ever seen in a superhero movie with five Oscar-winning actors. However, the highlight of the movie is Heath Ledger as the crazy joker.

It must be noted that Batman is very impressive but the Joker is the one who makes everything of the film perfect. A madman in true sense but extremely intelligent and confident enough to be scared. His actions are not intended, but everything is well calculated, precise, meticulous and extremely difficult to grasp. He is crazy but throughout the movie, he is really the most sober person.

I do love the way He talks about a part of his history before he kills someone ^^

The Dark Knight Torrent Download

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